Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beginning of a new Dawn . . .

It's been almost five very long years since I built my first gaming PC. Ahhhh the memories . . . working three to five days a week on a construction site, saving every penny. I was 16 years old at the time, but I wasn't saving for a new car . . . but to build my own hard core gaming machine!

My parents did buy me a cheapo lesbian looking 96 Toyota Rav4, so I did have transportation to my friends houses for our old school lan parties. Oh the days of Counter Strike 1.6, Battlefield Vietnam, and Unreal Tournament 2004 . . .

Since then I've joined the military, gone away to college, and invested my money into a variety of other hobbies. For the time my Xbox 360 handled my gaming fix, but I need more. My brother has had me upgrade his PC I build for him, and whenever hes away at high school I've been playing around with the latest games my old PC could only dream of.

So my primary objective this summer is to save up for college next semester . . . and a new Gaming Rig!! I've been spending a lot of time glazing over various articles, reviews, websites, blogs, youtube videos, etc, soaking up as much information as possible on the latest tech. I made a lot of mistakes with my old rig, such as a cheap motherboard and power supply, putting my DDR Ram in the wrong slots, not investing in an aftermarket CPU cooler, and so on. I'm determined to learn from my mistakes and research everything there is to know about computers and gaming rigs.

Why did I create this blog? I love to teach and spread what I've learned onto others, whether from my military experience, counter terrorism classes, or computer technology. I'm no Intel Engineer, but I am a gaming enthusiest. Thus, the goal of this blog is to educate those interested as much as possible based on what I've learned throughout the day.

At the end of this blog series I will post my custom build along with all the benchmarks I can empirically evalutate. I will also make suggestions on how to save money, where to invest money, and give a reason as to why (something that a lot of forums and websites lack).


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